At Highly Strung we aim to provide a broad range of charcoal and graphite products to suit the varied needs of our customers.






Charcoal Products usually in Stock: Willow Charcoal by the stick (thin, medium, thick, super thick & Chunky), Willow Charcoal sets: sets of willow charcoal comprising different thicknesses in boxes or tins.

Compressed Charcoal:

Faber Castell Pitt Compressed Charcoal

Faber Castell Pitt compressed charcoal, extra soft, soft, medium, hard, extra hard. All Pitt Monochrome products have in common the traditional consistent high standards of quality: lightfast colours and the special binding agent which ensures high pigment density. Produced from a fine mixture of soot and charcoal. Compressed charcoal comes in five grades from extra soft to extra hard. It leaves a dense black mark, ideal for heightening shadows and for clear delineation. Pitt charcoal offers the deepest possible black and a soft stroke. Especially suitable for large areas.Also available in boxes of 12 sticks

Charcoal Pencils:

Conte Charcoal PencilsMade from carbon black, kaolin, and silica, these quality pencils contain less binder and more pigment than other Conté sketching pencils. They offer the traditional qualities of charcoal with less splintering and contain a harder abrasive than natural charcoal or compressed charcoal, which makes them well suited to portrait and poster work and gives a dramatic rough texture to writing. Different hardness grades are available to enable the artist to give greater depth to his or her work. These pencils are ideal for sketching or drawing and offer good effects for contrasts, outlining shapes, and reinforcing pivotal lines of study. Pencils are pre-sharpened.

  • 2B, B, HB, H

Charcoal & Sketching Sets:
We generally stock a variety of Charcoal sketching and drawing sets from Faber Castell, Conte and Cretacolour
Prices and range vary please email the store or telephone for up to date details