Silicone Oil – In Store Now

A quick search of the Internet will show that there are hundred, possibly thousands, of YouTube videos showing you how to create unusual and unique art using silicone oil or alcohol with your acrylic paints.

An effective starting recipe is
2 parts Pouring Medium
1 part High Flow Acrylic (or normal acrylic that has been thinned with a suitable medium – not water!)
and 1 part isopropyl alcohol
+/- few drops of silicone oil

Don’t be concerned that you don’t have the exact brands of ingredients (acrylic paint, mediums, paint conditioners etc) that you see online, most US brands are better than Aussies at promoting themselves.



Note: At this point in time we do not endorse the use of silicone oil in painting mixtures that are expected to last. There are many reasons for this stance. Most silicone oils do not evaporate out of the paint, therefore they stay within the matrix of the paint and could potentially cause film formation issues. At the very least, the silicone oil will impede the intercoat adhesion between the surface of the pour and subsequent product layers, such as mediums and varnish. As an artist, you are free to do what you want to to make your artwork, but until we gather enough evidence that there isn’t any long term issues, we won’t suggest professional artists add silicone into paint.