Noel Foley Drawing Workshop Series

About Noel

Foley has been a practicing, and exhibiting artist for approximately 40 years and has been teaching for the last twenty.

His works are to be found in galleries and private collections around Australia, England and America. Foley exhibited and taught on the QE11, in TAFE colleges, Strathfield College (Sydney), primary schools and in his own gallery (Foley Gallery and Art School) in Darwin

Foley’s students are taught the fundamentals of design and pictorial balance. These principals allow students to produce frameable, exhibitable works very quickly. These fundamentals are often neglected in other classes focused on use of a particular medium or genre.


What We Will Do

Students will be encouraged and taught all elements of ‘rendering a likeness’ including depth and distance, shading a shadows, reflections etc., using various media such as pencil, ink, charcoal and mixed media. You will also be encouraged to take the next step and put into a visual language elements of experience not inherently visual. (Sound, taste, smell and emotion etc.)

We will draw from “without” using all our senses which experience and record the literal, and from “within” which are our emotional responses to incoming data.

We will draw from both hemispheres of our brain.


Wednesday nights

for 10 weeks

6:30 to 8:00pm

 Starting 6th April 2016

Cost: $300 for 10 week series

Brochure – 2016 Noel Foley Classes

Enjoy discounts on

all art supplies

purchased during the course

Contact: Sue Deacon at Highly Strung Picture Framing & Art Supplies on 5442 7044 or by email at

The upcoming classes will involve ten lessons and more advanced classes will be held if interest is shown. Also, if required an additional group will be run concurrently on another evening.

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