We Are Open for Business

Thanks for all the good wishes from our customers who have been in the see the new premises. many have told us they took a drive to see where we were going to be, even before we opened.

Due to the time of the year, and the mammoth task, we are still unpacking, setting up framing equipment, cleaning the dust off, and sorting out new processes, so we appreciate your patience.

Murphy’s Law is alive and well and if something could have a glitch it has, as is often the case when you are most hoping for a smooth transition. For example, our address is listed in a different manner by each of the utility services (?), and Google has not managed to send us a special postcard required to update their web listing.

A new Highly Strung sign is yet to come, due to many services being closed, but our OPEN sign is waving in the breeze. Our picture framing & canvas stretching are slowly coming back online and we can put our hands on most of the art supplies 🙂