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Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Made in Holland by Talens, Rembrandt soft pastels provide you with 208 highly brilliant colours. These wonderful pastels exhibit a maximum degree of uniform softness and lightfastness. Pastels which have no hard bits or sharp edges and blend to an infinite range.

As a leading brand, Rembrandt soft pastels offer a wide and professional range of colours. Whatever colour or mixed shade you are looking for, it’s there, so there is a maximum choice of colour. The Rembrandt assortment consists of 42 pure colours (full tones), 40 intermediate shades going towards black and 121 intermediate shades towards white.

The Rembrandt pastel coding system makes it easy to see whether a colour is pure or is a mixture. Each colour has its own number, for example Lemon Yellow is 205. In the case of pure colours, this number is followed by the figure .5. In the case of Lemon Yellow, what is on the label is 205.5.

The intermediate shade with black is indicated by 205.3 and the intermediate shades with an increasing amount of white with increasing numbers. In this case: 205.8, 205.9 and 205.12. So, the darker gradation (mixed with black) is indicated by lower numbers and the lighter gradations (mixtures with white) with higher figures.

Rembrandt Soft Pastels measure 2-3/4″ long — 5/16″ diameter.

Colour chart