Wholesale Framing

Wholesale and Exhibition Framing is our core business, we have been framing exhibitions for artists and photographers and volume pieces for Hotels, Galleries and Dealers for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on devising unique and innovative framing solutions to help enhance your work and providing the very highest quality workmanship and materials at  the keenest possible prices and backing it up with friendly and professional customer service – we believe “Art is a passion and so is Service” 

We have one of the largest framing workshops in Queensland and are uniquely set up to produce high volumes of both framing and canvas stretching to any size.     

Wholesale Picture Framing

We would be delighted to discuss your wholesale requirements and provide an obligation free quote 

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Typical Wholesale work might include:
Framing a body of work for an exhibition
Dry mounting or hinging and matting
Gudy mounting large format photography
Stretching and/or Framing works on canvas
Exhibition mounting and framing.
Framing for domestic and commercial Interior design projects
Volume Framing prints for Hotels, Resorts or Organisations
Manufacturing a Volume of Mirrors for commercial or domestic projects


wholesale framing



wholesale picture framing



Pricing economies for wholesale work can be made by making use of production grade materials which are available in bulk at reduced costs and by setting our factory up for a run of similar works greatly reducing the amount of labor time required to produce each unit.


Some of our wholesale customers Include:

Donald James Waters                                                                   Gallery of The University of The Sunshine Coast 

Michael Zavros                                                                                Injalak Arts Centre 

Michael Whitehead                                                                        Peter Lik Galleries Noosa

Ian Mastin                                                                                         Dean Riley

Greg Postle                                                                                       Amy Clarke

Carole Tretheway Interior Design

Lyn Sidney Interior Design

Iain Mastin Exhibition wholesale framing

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